what a week, updates, and chapter 24 of the voice in the forest

updates SO, let’s make a checklist of what’s coming and what has changed, shall we? Darlene Everly: Sweet LGBTQIA romance pen name Cupcake Queens — Out nowBrewed Anew — Coming February 2022 J. Darlene Everly: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal pen name Crossroad Inn — Out now on Vella and Coming soon on Patreon Heart of Cinders — Coming October[…]

crossroad inn and chapter 23 of the voice in the forest

crossroad Inn The rules are simple: No killing or antagonism, and no conducting business on the grounds of the Crossroad Inn. It would be nice if everyone followed them. For an Inn at the intersection of the Underworld and the realms above, if some of their patrons get out of line, it could destroy the world. Good thing[…]

Such a mess! and chapter 22 of the voice in the forest

Argh! Such a mess! Hi Everybody! Okay, this week started with what I thought would be great news and turned into a hot mess. As you know, Cupcake Queens, the second book in A Comfort Food Romance series comes out next week. WELL, I got my copies of the paperback and oh! What’s this? The[…]

Ideas and chapter 17 of the voice in the forest

Reminder! Don’t forget about the new Comfort Food Snack, the exclusive short story Until We Didn’t in the same romance world of Personal Pan. Follow the link to get your copy when you sign up for the newsletter along with the exclusive free ebook in The Grimm Star Universe, The Lost Chapter. Ideas I’m really[…]

It’s Here!!!!! New Exclusive short story

For the Newsletter If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, now is a great time. Because there is a new exclusive story for those that do! Until we didn’t is here! YAAAAAAAY! Okay, so I know I’ve been irritating with how much I’ve been talking about this, but I’m very excited. So prepare[…]

chapter 14 of the voice in the forest

Very Much in need of a nap I do have a new chapter this week, but my apologies for not having a lot additionally to say. Maybe it’s because doing the first thing after a year has drained me of all spoons for a while, or maybe it’s just lack of sleep catching up with[…]