Chapter 60 0f The Voice In The Forest

Camp Hi Everybody! It’s Camp NaNoWriMo! As many of you know, NaNo is November where people all over the world challenge themselves to write 50,000 words. Well, in April and July of every year, there is also Camp NaNo. During Camp the challenge is whatever you make of it. That means, I can make a[…]

Again! Chapter 57 of The Voice In The Forest

It’s Alive Hi Everybody! Okay, so that may be a biiiit ambitious. However! So far I have managed to actually get quite a few things moving in the right direction. I know! Yes, it’s all little wins, but I am stupid excited. To say nothing of the fact that I have so much built up[…]

Two In A Row! Chapter 56 of The Voice In The Forest

Two Hi Everybody! I know. I can’t believe it either. But I did manage to do two chapters for our little hot mess first draft story in a row. Shocked. Me. Probably you. BUT! I also managed to get another episode done for the Vella story and as soon as that is edited it will[…]

Whaaa? Chapter 55 of The Voice In The Forest

Whaaa? Hi Everybody! Did I do it?! Did I manage to write you a new chapter of our little hot mess story while I am captain of the struggle ship catch up on all the things?! YEEEESSSSS!!!! Okay. So, coming clean and pretending that I’m not a ridiculous mess of amped hope that this means[…]

Happy Halloween! And Chapter 54 of The Voice In The Forest

Happy Halloween Hi Everybody! First of all, I love all the responses I get for my little questions here, so thank you! Second, yes. I even love them when the consensus is literally fifty fifty and I am still just a wild pinball bouncing back and forth. And third- Have I explained how much I love[…]