Personal Pan

Olivia is tired of having few friends, too many responsibilities in her family’s pizza restaurant, worrying about her mother’s cancer, being second fiddle to her med student brother, and being very unlucky in love. 

Her ex-girlfriend finds a new focus for her affection, and Olivia decides the safe, kind, easy option for a rebound to make her feel better is the good looking, although kind of boring, Omar. She’s sure it would all be easier if she was a pansexual girl not battling crippling social anxiety, but she keeps trying through it. 

Campbell, Omar’s cousin, is new in town and happens to be a trans man. She hopes that hiring Campbell will win her points with Omar. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself relying on Campbell to help her navigate getting friends, pretend to date her so she can win Omar, and help her prepare for a pizza competition that could be the difference between her losing the restaurant and ensuring she gets everything she’s been working for.

Even more surprising, instead of a silly rebound, if she can get beyond her own fears and is willing to risk her chance at the competition she’s wants to win so badly, she might find everything she’s been looking for.