Brewed Anew

Shane desperately wants to avoid the tough reality facing his beloved brewery. His business partner is in a dire situation, and he needs to buy out her share of the business. Yet, every attempt he’s made to do so has crashed and burned. The brewery is everything to him. It’s where he focused all of his energy after abandoning the love of his life. If he can’t buy out his partner, will he lose the brewery? Or, worse, be forced to take on a partner that makes his skin crawl?

Marcus desperately needs a fresh start and a new challenge. After toiling away in a bakery for years while licking some deep, romantic wounds, his latest job with an up-and-coming microbrewery promises a vibrant beginning to a new chapter in his life. His last boyfriend broke his heart. Now he’s ready to take on the world. Can he leverage his new momentum to steer the brewery in the direction it needs?

Are either of them ready for what’s brewing for them?

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