Chapter 50 of The Voice In The Forest

Important Question SO… This little nutty butter, hot mess, real dirty rough draft that I’m writing here for you has already had some of the kinds of major changes that are usual for me as I write my notebooks full of first drafts. That was always going to be part of this process I’m afraid.[…]

Chapter 49 of The Voice In The Forest

Fangs not included I have been trying, for a while actually, to set up my schedule in a way that allows me to do all the things. You all have been made aware of a lot of it, but what you may not have known is that I switched form the day job to a[…]

Brewed Anew is here!!!

the next comfort food romance: Brewed Anew A whole new adventure is brewing for Shane and Marcus. Shane desperately wants to avoid the tough reality facing his beloved brewery. His business partner is in a dire situation, and he needs to buy out her share of the business. Yet, every attempt he’s made to do[…]

Chapter 47 of The Voice In The Forest

don’t stop me now Hi Everyone! Did I just quote Queen? Yes, yes I did. Am I channeling a little Freddie to help me get through this last week before school starts? Honestly, I think we should all borrow a little energy from proof that sirens exist, Freddie Mercury, far more often. But, what does[…]

Coming Soon and Chapter 45 of The Voice In The Forest

update Wait… what? For those of you who found me through Heart of Cinders, or The Spinning Wheel, or Crossroad Inn, first of all: HI!  Second of all, I write in multiple genres. So, all you science fiction fantasy fans, you can ignore the update this time around, but there is more for you below.[…]

Cultivating Marigold is here!

where it all began Hi everybody, I’m very excited and proud of this book. Yes, it is different. It’s not adult, it’s Young Adult. It’s not steamy. And it’s not fantasy. What it is, though, is a coming of age story that includes poetry and plane crash. I once described it as Hatchet meets I[…]

Chapter 44 of The Voice In The Forest

Melting Hi everybody!  I am meeellllttttting! It’s so hot I am becoming a bad rendition of the Wicked Witch of the West but that b*tch had water… Kidding. Mostly. But, how are all of you? Are you melting too? How is your summer going? Well, I have been ridiculously busy and trying not to sweat[…]