Chapter 2 of The voice in the forest

Hey, everybody! Here’s the next installment of The Voice In The Forest, the book I’m writing in the rough on my newsletter, one chapter at a time, one week at a time. If you want to be the first to read it, sign up for that and get a free ebook of The Lost Chapter.[…]

Are you ready for a big surprise?

First things first: Hi everyone, Well, the books are up for preorder almost everywhere now, yay! I’m so excited, I might pass out!  But I’ll hold it all in, I promise, I can handle it.  Well… sort of. No, really, these are my debuts. Not the first books I’ve ever written, no I have had[…]

Welcome to my new digital home!

Hi everyone, this is the home for all of my stories going forward, the shiny and the dark. The main page will have the most recent releases and information on any sales, but each of my genres will have their own page where the books I write under versions of my name will be found.[…]