Cultivating Marigold is here!

where it all began

Hi everybody,

I’m very excited and proud of this book.

Yes, it is different. It’s not adult, it’s Young Adult. It’s not steamy. And it’s not fantasy.

What it is, though, is a coming of age story that includes poetry and plane crash.

I once described it as Hatchet meets I Am Not Okay With This.

Just like with all the other work I do, I hope you like it, leave a review, and tell everyone you know.

Also, if you haven’t downloaded the prequel short story with the missing texts Jackson sends Goldie while she’s away, then here is the link to that.…

Below is the blurb, cover, and link for the book itself.

cultivating marigold

“Maybe if we had good sex ed, I wouldn’t have an appointment scheduled for an abortion the week after school gets out.”

For Marigold, hiding between the words on the page is more comfortable than speaking her truths out loud. That only becomes even more important for her as her mother gains notoriety for an ambitious rise through the ranks of the national anti-choice movement while the group pushes for a national ban after Roe is overturned. She can’t escape her connection to her mother, even though she believes the opposite of what her mother so publicly stands for.

A little over a year stands between her and freedom from her toxic home life. Seven poems stand between her and winning a college scholarship. Some drama swirling around her friends and her boyfriend stand between her and all the things she wants from high school.

But so close to getting through it all, Marigold finds out she has the mother of all problems.

She’s pregnant.

Making the right decision for her means either lying, or facing the crushing weight of her mother’s judgement.

But sometimes we don’t really have a choice, and sometimes decisions are made for us.

Don’t forget, this book is available in Kindle Unlimited.…

stories ever after

So, what comes next?

Well, I have some bad news.

For now, the rest of the books in the Grimm Star Saga are on hold. I will still work on them, but things have come up and changed and they have been pushed back.

All that sucks, but it was needed.However, as soon as I get a few days to focus, I will be putting together the first season book of Crossroad Inn. I have discovered, through attempting to do what I thought would be easy, having a thousand files of all the serialized episodes makes it hard to then put it all together.


But I’m working on it.

Another Comfort Food Romance, Brewed Anew, is coming soon and I am very excited for that.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that the biggie, book 5 – the penultimate book – of Cinders in Midnight Glass is also on its way.

Ya’ll… This series is… You will love the way book 5 and 6 play out I think.

Don’t forget, book 5 is titled After Glass Shatters, and I can’t wait for it!

In the meantime, I am also working on so many projects, and still buried under deadlines, and I hope you’re all ready for a LOT more stories.

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