After Midnight Strikes is Here!!!

Book 4 of the Cinders In Midnight Glass series is here!

The wait

I know I’ve done this before. I know I’ve done it more than a few times. New release.
But it never dulls the mix of emotions.

Of course there is a measure of impatience. That same piece that lives in us as children that wants to grow up as fast as possible just transfers to other things in our lives once we realize adulting sucks. We all want to skip to the good part.

Part of me is thrilled, this is the point–the dream, right?

There is definitely a lot of pride and a huge sense of accomplishment. Somehow it’s all supposed to look like we don’t work hard in the process of getting a book done. That’s what I’ve been told, anyway. That it’s all supposed to be effortless. But, unless some authors are more magical than the fantasy worlds we create, that’s a lie.

A lot of work goes into making a book a real thing and not just a wild and vivid daydream. So, yeah. I’m proud of the work and effort.

But under all of that, there is also a terrible, painful amount of fear.

Will everyone hate it? Have I done the story justice? Did the characters, the setting, the emotions, the story itself manage to get through to the readers the way I wanted it to? The way I saw it in my head?

Unfortunately, if we want to share our stories, it means opening up ourselves to the possibility that we fail in our attempt this time.

The good part is that it is always a matter of this time. Every story is different, every book is different, every attempt is different.

So, now is the time for another release of a book into the world and time to wait for the response… while I wait for the next book release, too.

After Midnight Strikes

It’s finally here!

A reminder, if you don’t want to risk spoilers, go back and pick up Heart of Cinders to start at the first book in this series. It’s currently on sale.

Midnight struck, the clock ran down, and Tristan knows who Cinder really is.

The last war killed her parents, and this war ripped away the man she loves. Now, she returns herself to the shadows, her life spared only by her reputation as a battle-tested hero.

If there were time to feel, Cinder would undoubtedly drown in grief over lost lives and love, but there is no room for mourning when pinched between the dual threats of the Corvids and her very own brother, Duke Ash. 

Tristan can’t stand the sight of Cinder after finding out that she originally meant to assassinate him. But he also can’t look away from her.

Amidst a perfect storm of kingdom-ending perils, Cinder and Tristan are forced to shove their feelings aside and fight as one to save the orphans of Shield House.

Can they swallow their feelings long enough to prevent the children from becoming the next tragic casualties of this war?

And if they can save the kids, will they have any time left to try and save themselves?
Don’t forget, this is book 4.Heart of Cinders, Heart of Shattered Glass, and Heart of Midnight are all waiting to be read.

And for those of you signed up for the newsletter you have access to the exclusive free prequel novella, Before The Fire.

If you haven’t picked that up, it’s right here:…

And you can find the new book in the series, here:

Stories Ever After

So, what comes next?

Book 5, After Glass Shatters will be coming in September!

I know this wait between releases is a tiny bit longer, buuuuut this summer is a little packed and I am thankful this may save a small measure of my sanity.

This summer will bring you all the first season of the serial I’ve been writing on Vella as a real book, Crossroad Inn.

Song of the Piper, the first book in the Grimm Star Saga will also be coming soon.

And Brewed Anew will be out later this summer continuing the sweet Comfort Food romances.

That doesn’t even include what’s coming this fall and winter which is a whole LOT more!

Believe it, or not, because I’m going full indie to bring everyone Cultivating Marigold, and because this was a book I wrote, and rewrote, multiple times already, it will actually be coming before some of the projects I already announced to all of you.As a reminder on the steamy scale per the pen names:

J. Darlene Everly — SFF — mostly steamy

Darlene Everly — sweet

J. D. Everly — not steamy

I know. Trust me, I know, it is a LOT. But, Darlene Everly is planned for only this series of seven books and one cook book. So, eventually, you’ll mostly hear about just two of them.
Ta Da!

I hope you like the new book and look forward to book 5 and the rest of this packed summer as much as I do!

Next week I will be back with another chapter of The Voice In The Forest and more news and too much to say.

As always,

Happy Reading!

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