Sneak Peek of Book 5 and updates!

So… Close…

Hi Everyone!

Cinders In Midnight Glass, Book 4, After Midnight Strikes is just around the corner!

I am… is there a complicated word that encompasses terrified and excited and impatient all in the same set of letters? German probably has one. They have a word for every hyper specific mash up of feelings. They might even have one that is for book releases.

One more reason I really should know more languages. They’re fascinating and so much fun.

BUT, back to the books.

The title for book 5 is…. After Glass Shatters!

And as you all know, book 5, After Glass Shatters, will be coming in September and book 6 will be coming this year as well. Well, in the lead up to the release of book 4, I have some exciting news about the upcoming book 5!

Sneaky Peek

So, here is the blurb for book 4 as a reminder, if you have not read the first three, scroll down!

Midnight struck, the clock ran down, and Tristan knows who Cinder really is.

The last war killed her parents, and this war ripped away the man she loves. Now, she returns herself to the shadows, her life spared only by her reputation as a battle-tested hero.

If there were time to feel, Cinder would undoubtedly drown in grief over lost lives and love, but there is no room for mourning when pinched between the dual threats of the Corvids and her very own brother, Duke Ash. 

Tristan can’t stand the sight of Cinder after finding out that she originally meant to assassinate him. But he also can’t look away from her.

Amidst a perfect storm of kingdom-ending perils, Cinder and Tristan are forced to shove their feelings aside and fight as one to save the orphans of Shield House.

Can they swallow their feelings long enough to prevent the children from becoming the next tragic casualties of this war? And if they can save the kids, will they have any time left to try and save themselves?

Okay, so for those of you who have read to book 3 and are going to read book 4, I have so much to share between now and the release of book 4 on May 31st with all of you first!

First, today I have a sneak peek of the cover for book 5 that you all are the first to see!

Between now and then I will share the blurb and the cover for book 5 with you all before anyone else sees them, so get ready!

For now, here is the sneak peek.
What do you think?

What does this make you think will happen in book 4?

And… is that armor?


Okay, so there is still some of this in flux because reasons, not all of which can I get into, but I do have some important things to share.

First of all, I got an email from a reader of the sci-fi fantasy series and I want to assure everyone that more of those books are coming. Believe it or not, all of those books in the first trilogy and all the books in the following series were born of a book that comes close to the end of the series that I wrote… too many years ago to admit.

So, to say I really want to get this series out is an understatement. It is coming. Right now I just want to talk about the series that has a release coming up first. That’s all. Trust me, when the other series have releases, I will talk about them more.

Also, a reminder: I have a tab in my website with some free short stories for anyone who wants to read them.…

Should you wish to read some of these, they are all in the vein of another set of news I have that I’m only allowed to vague mention right now!

In these short stories, there is a character that has her own book. This is a book I wrote a few years ago. A book I LOVE. It’s also a book I think a lot of other people will love too.

Because of certain current events, that book has been shoved forward in my wordy world.

What does this mean?

As soon as I can get these revisions of it done to reflect the current landscape (and ya’ll I am HUSTLING as fast as I can) this book will have some BIG news coming about it.

I’m not kidding.

That’s how fluid and pushed and wildly apropos the situation with this book has become in a short and shocking period of time.

I promise, as soon as I have concrete facts and dates for it, I will let you know.

Listen, June 23rd, the first day of summer break, can’t come fast enough!

I have so much work to do!

Someday I will learn how to imbed a gif in this email and in moments like this include that little dog in the kitchen on fire saying: this is fine. Ha!

The thing about this old book being pushed forward, I have no idea what effect it will have on everything else. I know all the books I already said would be released this year still will be, but I have more than a couple books just sitting in files.

Might they suddenly get published and you all get a lot more books than you were expecting from me this year or next?

I wish I knew.

Just know, as soon as I know, so will you.

Ah, publishing.

How I love your absolute chaos.
Ta da!

Remember, the fundraising I’m doing for #ReadForOurRights with the sales of Heart of Cinders and Heart of Shattered Glass in May is still going on!

I’ll have another chapter of The Voice In The Forest for you next week and more news on the other books coming soon!

As always, happy reading!

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