Camp Final, An Important Question, and a LOT of Updates

Final Countdown

Hi Everybody!

This is the final countdown for Camp Nano, and I’m going to win this one. Yay!

Of course, because April is a dillhole, it didn’t come easy or without a momentary hot mess situation… or twelve along the way.

Eventually, I will figure out why April likes to suck so much. So far, no idea. I apologize for those of you who love this month. I find it… challenging. Always.


However, I’ve learned some stuff, so that makes it all worth it… right?

I know, I know, I’m just hanging on over here with my fingernails dug in. It’s fine. And MAY is right around the corner! Woohoo!

Not only does that mean a whole new month, a whole new start, but Stabby Cindy 4 (shh, the fact I call this series this is our little secret) is coming soon!


So, why was burnout banging around the inside of my mind all month?

Because… why am I like this?

What’s this?

Here, are ALLLL the updates:

After Midnight Strikes (Stabby Cindy 4), book 4 in the Cinders in Midnight Glass is coming out May 31st! Right on time!

The book for Camp Nano is on track to be getting finished right quick!

Crossroad Inn in book form will be heading to the editor in days and out soon!

I have the story for the Greek God retelling of Hercules and Hebe all fully formed in my brain already, yay!

And now, I have a VERY important question for you…

An important question

The next series in the same world as Heart of Cinders is still possible to be changed. You see, in this world I have six series currently planned and room for more. It’s a big world. For right now, I was planning to go forward in time about twenty years from the events of Heart of Cinders to cover the gender bent retelling of Robin Hood in a dark forest setting. BUT, I have time to change it. So, for the people here who have read the Cinders in Midnight Glass series thus far, the question is, would you rather jump ahead twenty years and cover that story, or would you rather cover the books I have planned for Second Prince Nevan? Comment below!

let me clear that up

For the people who haven’t read Cinders in Midnight Glass, that series is my version of Cinderella in a fantasy romance.

All of the books in all of the series in that world will be steamy fantasy romances. Most will be some kind of VERY loose reimagining of a well known story…

Because I like those.

I’m going to keep it a secret of what story I’m loosely addressing in the books set in Amethyst with Second Prince Nevan that occur directly after the events of the Heart of Cinders books.

expansive worlds

For some reason, all my story worlds tend to include multiple story lines.

Crossroad Inn, the story I’m writing on Vella and is coming in book form soon, is one such example.

Not only do I have this Vella story and the books coming from it which are my version of Pride and Prejudice in a fantasy world with witches, fae, angels, werewolves, demons, etc. But I also have another series that will be in that world that is my version of Hades and Persephone.

Well, eventually I have that series planned. I have a few others to finish first.

So, that’s two, and the Major Arcana series that will start next year is also in this world, just many years before Crossroad Inn.

Grimm Star Saga: First Light, Grimm Star Saga, and Grimm Star Universe novella are all part of the same story world.

And, of course, there are the many series I have planned in the same world as Cinders in Midnight Glass. This will continue, this odd habit of mine to have expansive story worlds. So, all I’m saying is, I hope everyone is prepared.

Sorry about the lack of a chapter this week, all I can say is I have been drowning in all the things.

Why am I like this? Seriously.

But, next week I’ll be back with another chapter AND I’ll give you a sneaky peek of the amazing sigil on the inside hardcover for After Midnight Strikes!

As always,Happy reading!

— Everly

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