What’s a Sigil?


I have some news!

Hi Everybody!

First of all, an update on our Ukrainian cover designer friends: so far all are safe. If that changes, and let’s all hope it doesn’t, I will let you know.

So, as you all know, book 3 of the Cinders in Midnight Glass series is coming soon, but I have some good news for book 4 and beyond!

Heart of Midnight, book 3 will be out on March 15th.

After Midnight Strikes, book 4 will be out in May.

And…. Drumroll!

Book 5 will be out in September!

That was slightly anti-climactic.

Hmmm… Must figure out a way to make that more exciting in this letter format. As a writer, I should know how, but letters are weird ya’ll.

Now, I thought before our live next week on Wednesday at 6:00 pm PST on the Facebook page, and for everyone who doesn’t have the hardcover of the books, I thought I would go over the special on the inside cover of those books. The Sigils!

What’s A Sigil?

The word has multiple meanings.

1: A seal

2: An inscribed or painted symbol with magical powers

3: A sign or symbol

For our purposes, think of all of these to a certain extent.

Each of the Lands, the titled properties, within Onyx, the country Cinder lives in have a sigil of their own.

For example, not only does the King of Onyx have a one, so does Lehar, the duchy Cinder was born in that is an area within Onyx.

Other kingdoms in this world also have sigils, but for our purposes we’re going to focus on some of the ones within Onyx.

Sigil of Lehar

This is the sigil of Lehar, the place Cinder grew up.

Her lands, where her brother the Duke currently rules, vassal only to the King himself, are on top of the source of hellfire water.

In her world, hellfire water starts from a source of thick, too strong to process concentrate that is then filtered through underground streams to mix with water and become the bright green hellfire water her entire country uses for energy.

The sigil of Lehar is therefore a drop representing hellfire water surrounded by flames. While hellfire water doesn’t burn green, its color is represented in the flames of the sigil as well.

The Sigil of Bridgeton

The capitol city of Onyx has a city council, but since it surrounds the palace, doesn’t have a Lord the same way the rest of the lands in the country do.

For Bridgeton, where trade is paramount and the finances of the entire kingdom are ran from, there is opulence and beauty everywhere. And, that includes the height of impressive feats, hellfire powered street lamps.

The name of this city is in reference to the fact that the Obsidian Palace, where the King lives, is only accessible via a bridge from this city.

And up next is a sneak peek for you of a never before revealed sigil.

The Sigil of Breakwater

In book 1 we met the young Duchess of Breakwater, the duchy running in a long thin block of land along the East coast of Onyx.

Obviously, the sea and the waves are important to these lands, and while they are home to Duchess Inara’s Sandstone Castle, that isn’t what is represented on their sigil.

You would be forgiven for thinking it is, Cinder has her entire life. But soon she just might visit Inara and her land and find out for herself.

Maps, Maybe?

While all of these sigils are a hidden bonus on the inside cover under the dust jacket cover of the hardback books, some people have asked for a map.

So, quick poll, who wants a map as a bonus for you all and a free download on the website for the world of Onyx?

Maybe it would help for everyone to have an understanding of the way the lands are situated within Onyx and the kingdoms in the continent as a whole.

This is something that I know, but I have to admit that I will need to hire an artist to create for me because… no one wants my rough little doodle for a map. Trust me on this.

Let me know what you think.
I hope everyone liked the special peek at the sigils and some of the explanation of what these particular ones means in the context of this world.

Which ones do you think will be on the covers of books 4, 5, and 6?

Again, let me know if a map would be welcome, and next week I will be back with another chapter of our little hot mess, rough draft newsletter story The Voice In The Forest.
As always, happy reading!

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