Heart of Shattered Glass is Here!

book 2 of the cinders in midnight glass series is here!

heart of shattered glass

Cinder’s whole world is held together and supported by threads no stronger than glass.

Killing is the one thing she excels at.

But it’s hard to hit her mark when she’s not sure who to kill first. 

Returning to her brother without King Tristan’s head wasn’t the plan.

Yet that’s exactly what Cinder does.

Worse, she asks him to unite with Tristan’s forces to fight for the kingdom. 

Her brother is an accomplished murderer, what will he do when she admits to lending her blade to Tristan’s cause?

Will she become the next target for assassination?

Will all the glass threads shatter?
Don’t forget, this is book 2, so if you haven’t read Heart of Cinders, go get caught up and we’ll all be waiting here together for book 3, Heart of Midnight.

This series is six books, and there is a lot more story to tell.
And, just like with Heart of Cinders, the hardcover has a gorgeous interior cover. This time the sigil is for Bridgeton, the city around the Obsidian Palace.

stories ever after

So, what comes next?

Well, you already know that Heart of Midnight is coming fast this spring, followed closely by book 4 of the series. That title I will share soon, I promise.

But I’m also still writing the serial, Crossroad Inn, and soon… drumroll… I will have the first season of that coming out as a book for you to read too!

I’m also part of a group of writers who meet every other week and we are doing an anthology of short stories together, so keep an eye out for news on that.

Brewed Anew will be out later this year continuing the sweet Comfort Food romances, as will Song of the Piper which starts off The Grimm Star Saga. AND, a new series, the Major Arcana series, which is a Fantasy with witches and ghosts and all kinds of magic, will go on preorder later this year.

If this sounds like a lot of stories and characters running around in my brain at once, you have no idea.

The chances that I will move on from this world before I have a chance to write all the stories I have jotted down in my little notebooks is high, friends. 

Just as an example, in the same world as Heart of Cinders, I currently have…


*doesn’t believe it*…


SIX series listed. I… don’t know about me sometimes.

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that while the Comfort Food romances are sweet, and The Grimm Star Saga: First Light was fade to black, Heart of Midnight is decidedly not. 

I figured if I’m going to make everyone wait for that slow burn through two whole books, I better give you the goods. 😉

This entire story world moving forward, and likely all my books except the Comfort Food ones will be spicy.

So, buckle up, grab your seasonings, and prepare yourself for some epic bedroom scenes (and other places) to go along with the epic battle scenes.

Now, are you ready for a first sneaky peek at the cover for book 3?!
Ta Da!

Heart of Midnight everybody!

I hope you love the newest book and will stick with me through the stories to come. 

Next week I will be back with another chapter of The Voice In The Forest. And I might have some more news!

As always,Happy Reading!

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