Heart of Midnight is here!

Book 3 of the Cinders in Midnight Glass Series is here!

Where it Began

Hi everybody,

The Cinders in Midnight Glass series has officially hit the mid point with the release of Heart of Midnight.

If you haven’t downloaded the free prequel that’s exclusive to the newsletter, here is the link for that book:https://dl.bookfunnel.com/sio2…

Heart of Cinders, book 1, finds Cinder seven years after we leave her in Before The Fire. Heart of Shattered Glass, book 2, picks up where book 1 left off, and book 3 follows on its heels.

Coming soon is book 4, After Midnight Strikes. And, you’re the first to know, when that book is up for pre-order it will be $.99 and only go to the regular price after release.

I love this story world and these characters so much. Contrary to what I put them through. 

Books 5 and 6 will also be releasing this year, and I will be starting another series in this same story world after that.

I hope you like my very stabby Cinderella that started as “Cinderella mixed with the bachelor, but she’s an assassin sent to kill the king” and vibes.

Any guesses on the next series in this world? Might it include some familiar things or people? What about the series after that? 

Yes. These are clues because I am terrible at keeping things to myself when I’m in excited nerd mode. 😉

The blurb for Heart of Midnight is below, so if you don’t want to know anything about the later books before you read the first, scroll on past.

Heart of Midnight

As the frigid darkness of war descends upon Onyx, Lady Cinder’s nights are filled with King Tristan’s warm glow. No matter how hard she tries to maintain the smooth exterior of the trained assassin that she is, deep down Cinder knows that she wants to keep Tristan by her side forever. And she’ll kill to do it.

But what will happen to her moon-soaked moments in King Tristan’s arms if Brix tells the truth? That Cinder originally joined Onyx’s search for a future queen with the intention of murdering the King. While her brother’s closest, most brutal confidant stews in a prison cell in the bowels of Breakwater’s castle, Cinder must recover from wounds by his hands.

She’s driven to find Brix’s cell, make him pay for the havoc he wreaked, slowly wrench answers from him about her own brother’s allegiances, and then silence him forever before he burns Tristan’s love for her to the ground. 

Sometimes dark actions are required to protect dark hearts.

Stories Ever After

So, what comes next?

You know that word of After Midnight Strikes is on its way and that book will be out soon. Book 5, I can officially announce, will be out in September of this year!

But I’m also still writing the serial about witches in the world of the Three Realms, Crossroad Inn, and the last episode of that story I intend to include in the first season is up over on Kindle Vella, which means…. the book form of the first season is right around the corner!

*throws confetti*

My group of writers that is doing an anthology together is still working on that.

We won’t get mad that I’m the fast writing mutant. Right?

Because these darling writer friends of mine actually sleep. I know. Sounds fake. But that’s what they tell me.

Brewed Anew will be out later this year continuing the sweet Comfort Food romances, as will Song of the Piper which starts off The Grimm Star Saga. AND, a new series, the Major Arcana series, which is a Fantasy with witches and ghosts and all kinds of magic, will go on preorder later this year.

Yes, this is a lot of stories and story worlds… This is a strange coping mechanism, I realize that. But, it keeps me mostly sane.
Soon, I am going to try and figure out an emoji system or something to show you fantastic people exactly what to expect from the bedroom scenes of my books. For now:

Comfort Food Romances: sweet. Think Hallmarkian

Crossroad Inn, tame now, but just wait. 😉

Heart of Cinders, this is a slow burn, but the payoff does come in later books. It’s… well, I need a chili pepper emoji, or three, for this one.

The rest of the series that will come out in Cinder’s world: Extra spicy.

Grimm Star Saga: First Light, this is closed door.

Grimm Star Saga: Wide open door with all the peppers.

Major Arcana, the series that will go on preorder later this year: Spice.
Ta Da!

As an additional bit of info in case you haven’t been following the social feeds, I just finished being a part of Writers for Ukraine. The covers with the woman on them for the Cinders in Midnight Glass series are designed by Ukrainians in Ukraine. Every single one of the designers I have worked with are amazing.

So, every morning I check on them and Zelenskyy and will continue as long as I need to.

Of course, I donated to the accounts they suggested for me. But then I sat here, safe, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, so very far from feeling like I could DO anything. Then, Writers for Ukraine happened. I signed up. Because this is something I can do.

For a week I wrote every day with a huge group of writers from all over the world to raise money and word count for the Ukrainian refugees.

We managed to surprise even ourselves and wrote over 2.2 million words in a week and raised 14.400 pounds. The go fund me is still collecting money that will all go to the refugees fleeing their war torn country. I have now donated three times. The first was just because I wanted to, the second and third were all the proceeds from the sale of all the books in the Cinders in Midnight Glass series while I wrote for them. Yes, this included launch day for Heart of Midnight.

Like I said, this is something I could do.

Should you wish to contribute:https://www.gofundme.com/f/wri…

My wonderful designers from MibLArt will continue to make the beautiful covers for the series, and I will keep you posted should I hear news from them to the contrary. In the meantime, I’m only sending good things into the universe toward them. Please join me in a positive thought their way.

I hope you love the new book as much as the rest of the series and that you’ll keep reading. Sometimes books allow us to feel something, or escape, or work our way through something that in the wide world is too much. Whatever you need from my stories, here’s to them giving it to you.

Next week I will be back with another chapter of The Voice In The Forest and more news and too much to say.

As always, Happy Reading!

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