Getting Up, Stories Ever After, and a Sneak Peek

Getting Up

Hi Everybody!

Happy February!

I know, a lot of people have terrible memories of Februarys past from Valentine’s gone awry or some other thing. But I love this month.


Because I have written a lot of romance and Valentine’s?

Pfffft. No.

It’s my birthday month!

Cue five second dance party.

So, I have a few fun things planned to celebrate.

First, I think it is only fair at this point to warn you all what having a birthday this month means for me personally. If you don’t care for astrology, what I’m about to say will not matter to you.

For the ones that do: My big three are Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio.

I’m a walking nightmare.


With that in mind, please know that when you get book 3 in the Cinders in Midnight Glass series, and are forced to wait for book 4 to come out (although it won’t be THAT long), I’m NOT SORRY.

This book 3… whooo boy.

Anyway, I’ll pretend I’m kind and innocent and would never cackle while I put my characters up trees and throw things at them while a great winged beast descends.

Basically, 2022 is supposed to be every woman’s villain era, and I was already deep into an entire life on the dark side.

So, now you know that when I dedicated Heart of Cinders to the stabby girls, I meant all the ones like me.

That brings me to my point…

I am going to do a recommendation every week this month of a Black author’s book to celebrate Black history month!

And as a bonus, I am going to suggest everyone go look up the records that were just found from 1828 on Sojourner Truth in New York. They are amazing. She was amazing. And if you’re a history nerd like me… just so f*cking cool.

So about the recommendation:

Octavia Butler.

I know, I always say Their Eyes Were Watching God and anything else by Zora is a masterclass in mind bogglingly good prose and I stand by that, but Octavia Butler is Science Fiction Fantasy, and I know many of you all read SFF.

So, literally anything by Octavia Butler is incredible, and while Kindred is everyone’s favorite, the one I am going to suggest is Wild Seed.

Holy Lord but these books are amazing.

Here, you can get it at indiebound from your local Indie books store:

And here, you can get it at Amazon:…

Heart of Midnight

I have a real blurb!

Okay, so last week I didn’t have the official blurb for book 3, Heart of Midnight, well now I do!

If you don’t want any hints about what to expect in the upcoming books because you haven’t read Heart of Cinders, scroll to the last section of this email for the giveaway details and ignore these pieces on the middle.

Heart of Midnight:

As the frigid darkness of war descends upon Onyx, Lady Cinder’s nights are filled with King Tristan’s warm glow.

No matter how hard she tries to maintain the smooth exterior of the trained assassin that she is, deep down Cinder knows that she wants to keep Tristan by her side forever. And she’ll kill to do it.

But what will happen to her moon-soaked moments in the arms of the King if Brix lets it slip that Cinder originally joined Onyx’s search for a future queen with the intention of murdering the King? While her brother’s closest, most brutal confidant stews in a cell in the bowels of Breakwater’s castle, Cinder must recover from the wounds he gave her and stop him from betraying her.

First, she needs to find a way into Brix’s cell. Second, make him pay for the havoc he wreaked. And third, slowly wrench answers from him about her own brother’s allegiances. Only then can she silence him forever before he burns Tristan’s love for her to the ground.

Sometimes dark actions are required to protect dark hearts.

Book 3 comes out on March 15th and so far, the preorder is up on Amazon and I have been told that despite some MASSIVE glitches in the book world (did you know Barnes and Noble was down again the other day? YIKES) the preorder will be up everywhere in time for me to send you all the links next week when I come back with another chapter of our story, The Voice In The Forest.

For now:…

Stories Ever After

I know last week I said I would have a chapter for you, but as it turns out, I was wrong.

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, it happened to me.

To in some way make up for that epic blunder, I have a sneak peek of the cover for book 4 for you!

Book 4 is going to be titled, After Midnight Strikes, and here is a bit of the amazing cover for you!

As always, happy reading!

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