Deadlines, POVs, and a Cover Reveal


Hi Everybody!

*Sings* You say it’s your birthday, well it’s my birthday too!

Actually, we haven’t yet hit my birthday, but I am going to celebrate anyway.

I just realized that in my immediate family, this short little month is wildly over represented by birthdays…

Blocking thoughts of what that says about the people in family get up to around the month of April now.

SO, running away from that before I traumatize myself with my own out of control imagination, we’re moving on to the Black history month book rec for the week!

Thus far I have suggested an adult book, a young adult book, and now I’m going to suggest a middle grade book!

Chances are some of you will wonder why I am suggesting a book for kids, but hear me out.

First of all, this is just a great book. Age category doesn’t dictate greatness.

Second, many of us have kids in our lives who would devour this book.

Third, technically To Kill A Mockingbird is middle grade.

Without further ado:

Amari And The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

Everything about this book is amazing, it lives up to the hype that floated around it in the literary world before it came out.

Fantasy, fun, mystery, and great characters.

Check it out here:…

I have a treat for you today coming up!

Plus, I have to celebrate turning in my edits on my book in record time and more than meeting a deadline!

After being struck by the panini, getting sick, and being a few days late for my last deadline, this feels really good.

This also probably outs me as ridiculously type a. Meh, that’s okay.

It’s true.

Just wait until the day I explain how many planners I have and what my overlapping, overloaded calendar looks like.

Cover Reveal!

I don’t have a finalized blurb for this book yet, but I do have a cover!

So, I had a conversation with a writerly buddy the other day about my titles, I thought you would find it funny.

First, let me explain that I love picking titles. I have a list, a very long list that makes titles seem like tribbles, where I keep track of all the titles of all the books I have planned.

There are over ninety.

I’m probably going to meet death before I finish writing them all.

But that’s fine. This is my imagination pile. It’s fun to swim around in it sometimes.

The thing is, though, I don’t just have my titles.

Along with those is the long list of book titles I have helped my writerly friends come up with.

I LOVE this stuff.

So, that conversation–

Friend: Your first three books in the Cinders series all have Heart of, but you’re out of Cinderella-ey things to pair with that.

Me: Yep.

Friend: What are you going to do for the next titles?

Me: Long complicated explanation of themes and arcs and why I did this.

It amounts to, these are the first five titles in the Cinders in Midnight Glass series:

Heart of Cinders

Heart of Shattered Glass

Heart of Midnight

After Midnight Strikes


Ha! Made you look.

But I think you can see where I’m going with this, although there will be a little twist. 😉

In the meantime, meet the cover for After Midnight Strikes coming in May!

Point of View

One of the things you should know about book 4, and maybe a secret hint to the ending of book 3, this series only STARTS as a single pop series.


I hope everyone will still like it as much as they like the first books from Cinder’s point of view.

But I think when your read book 3, you’ll know why I made this choice.

Now that’s all the hint I’m going to give for a while.


As always, happy reading!

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