Cover Reveal of Heart of Midnight


I have some news!

I tried to convince myself that saying it this way would trick my brain, but this is a failed attempt.

My brain is not tricked. And I am still sick.

Granted, I am a lot better than I was, and some of those days of 103 F degree fever I was a MESS and would not have been able to send this note.

But, I am still not well.

Even more than normal, please forgive my loose grammar and misspellings. My brain is currently mushy.

The other day I tried to write and looked at the word squeezed, convinced myself that was wrong, wrote squozed and knew I had f*cked up.

But, I do have great news for you this week!

The cover for book 3 in Cinders in Midnight Glass, Heart of Midnight!

Heart of Midnight

Here is the cover for Heart of Midnight!

This book will be up for preorder soon and follows directly after the events of Heart of Shattered Glass.

So far, here is the first draft of the blurb for Heart of Midnight. I haven’t seen the final yet and I’m as excited as you are for that to come out.

By next week, this book will be on preorder and I’ll share all the links with you. Soon after that, After Midnight Strikes, book 4 will also be on preorder.

Heart of Midnight:

The darkness of war is all around them, but her nights are filled with him, and she wants to keep it that way.

No matter who has to die for her to get it.

With her brother’s closest friend, someone who knows all her secrets, in the cells awaiting questioning, Cinder has to recover from her wounds and stop him from telling Tristan everything.

But first, she needs some answers.

Like which side of this war is her brother on? 

Yet she has to be careful. So very careful.

Because the last thing she wants to find out is, what will happen to midnights in the King’s bed if he learns what brought her to him in the first place?
What do you think? I love it!

And what do you think it says about this book and the later books in the series?

Hint, hint.

Nothing is by accident. 

Moving right along

I am incapable to saying, even typing those words: moving right along, without singing them in my head.

But I digress!

Well, as much as I was sure my hardcovers would be here by now, they are NOT.

Honestly, I’m starting to get a little pissivitied. That’s about fifteen measures higher than regular old frustrated.

I’m trying to hold it all together and be a decent human to others since I know this is the times not the people that are causing this problem…


I know people who have ordered the book who have received them before I have received my author copies.


Anyway, enough whining, I also got copies of my paperbacks and… had to laugh.

That paper shortage is REAL y’all. How do I know? I have some paperbacks with white paper and some with cream…

Just all kinds of nutter butter over here and if I’m honest I just laughed and went back to bed.

The industry will figure itself out eventually. Of that I am sure.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the ride.

As soon as I get the copies of my hardcovers, I will do that live again, show you the lovely inside cover, and read an excerpt.

And maaaaaybeee I’ll be able to make an announcement at that live about book 4 and a surprise that’s in store for book 3.
Next week I will have another chapter of The Voice In The Forest for you!
Last, but not least, I know I have been truly terrible at social media lately, I am going to get back to it.

Being sick has just bumped me right out of the groove.

Aww, it threw off my groove!

Beware the groove! The groove!
As always, happy reading!

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