Good stuff, a warning, and chapter 29 of the voice in the forest

good stuff

Hi Everybody,

How is your winter holiday season going? We are… sort of half ready for ours? I don’t even know. It seems like this time of year everything speeds up like the year itself and the whole world is just racing to finish line.

My response to that frenetic feeling floating in the air every year as we get close to January 1st is always to at least once look around me and think, damn, it’s not like we won’t still have too much to do next year. Slow down.

But just like the world doesn’t listen to me, the vibes don’t, and (to be honest) not even I listen to myself on this one.

I AM however, THRILLED that a friend of mine’s book birthday hurried up and got here!

Everybody, a friend I love has her debut book out as of yesterday! YAY! This is so great and I can’t wait to read it. It’s about night witches at war with day witches and it is SUCH a cool idea. This is the first book in the trilogy and when I tell you I have waited all year for this to come out because I knew it was coming, I am not exaggerating.

It is available wherever books are sold online and for your convenience, I have added a handy dandy order button. 😉
And where am I at on MY books?

So… I just sent edits back to my editor for another Stabby Cindy book! Holy crap on a stick I’m excited about the upcoming books in this series.

The next book, Heart of Shattered Glass, will be out in January and book three comes soon after that.

Book three is what I need to warn you about…

A warning

This isn’t a content warning, this is (mostly) just for fun. 

Okay, I admit, even as an adult, my mother reads my books. So, I had to have a chat with her about the upcoming book three and I feel like I should address it with all of you too. 

The Comfort Food Romance series is sweet. Kissing only.

My Grimm Star Saga: First Light trilogy was fade to black.

But for Cinders in Midnight Glass… we’re going for it.

In all fairness, this series is a slow burn. And when I say that, I MEAN IT!

For the first book, there are vibes and that’s it. 

Book number two is um… hinting at where we’re going.

And for book three… I’m turning up the heat.

Listen, I blame my characters. These knuckleheads are in charge of everything and they have things they want that they get pretty irritatingly persistent about.

So, fair warning!

Not only do I Iike to include those twists, and cliff in my books, but when book three comes out, expect some fire!

the voice in the forest

Chapter 29

He shook as he read the chapter, the page trembling in his fingers as he turned the page.

Fighting off the tremor that wanted to runt through me too, I reached out a tentative hand and set it on his thigh where he was closest.

With a jerk, his back went rigid and snapped his head up to look at me, his eyes wide.

“You’re okay,” I said, even thought it was stupid and nothing about this was okay. I just wanted him to know I was here, that he wasn’t facing down the information about his own death so long ago on his own.

“I…” He licked his lip and took in a deep, shuddering breath, squeezing his eyes shut tight before the leg under my palm relaxed and he looked at me again.

“Montgomery, it will be okay.” That was better. That was closer to a truth. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but somehow, we were going to find out how he died and all the other details and find the reason he was still here.

“Arabella, I remember this,” he said.

My mind went blank, the room before me tunneling down to a hazy dot of his face while the rest was black.

I swayed and would have fallen over, but it disappeared as fast as it took over my vision and I focused on where I touched his leg to ground me in the reality of what we were doing. Not the fantastic notion that he would have somehow remembered those first days dead.

“What do you mean?” I asked, because I had to have missed it. There must have been some other way to interpret that. A way that made sense.

“Trust me, I know it doesn’t make any sense.”

He had to stop doing that. It was already strange to be friends with someone who was dead and no one else could see. But every time he said something as if he could see into my thoughts themselves it caused a tornado to form in my stomach.

“Okay,” I said, “So, what do you mean?” A repeated refrain of, please let this be something I can deal with, ran through my brain. 

“Just like when we were in the attic and those things made memories come back, these pictures, this story, it does the same thing. I remember this.”

I swallowed around thick dryness in my throat and tried twice to ask him more.He put his still trembling fingers on my hand, opening and closing his mouth.

“Go on,” I said, finally able to spit something out, even if it was feeble as an encouragement and didn’t ask anything that would help me understand any better.

“But,” he said, with a nod and another pause for a breath, “I remember it as if I was watching it from the crowd.”
Ta da!

I will probably just send a quick hello in the next two weekly letters, and then we all can celebrate the new year together.

As always, happy reading!– Everly

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