NaNo, Funk, and Floods, Oh My!

I’m Okay!

Hi Everybody!

If you’ve seen the news, my neck of the woods, Northwest Washington state, has been hammered by a thoroughly pissed off Mother Nature.
Washington and British Columbia got hit by the same weather phenomenon that dumped months worth of water on already saturated ground.
If that sounds like a recipe for disaster, it is.
Nearby in the town of Everson a man lost his life after being swept away by the flood waters. My heart hurts for his family and all the others who had to be rescued via boat from their destroyed homes.
A friend of mine on the other side of the border was stuck for four days in a tiny town because all the roads out were swamped by multiple landslides. She and her family, including two dogs, had to be choppered out.
This is… a lot out here. 
So, if you can, take a minute and send good thoughts, vibes, or a prayer to the people who are trying to piece their lives back together after this.
For me, I’m at the top of a hill, a family members property is on the river at the bottom of the hill though and it was a scary time. We also only just got our power back on after three days trapped by a power line across the driveway…
That part sucked.
BUT, we’re okay. I’m okay.
And now that I have power and don’t have to cook like a pioneer on the wood stove I’m back to words!

Funking it through

I am behind!


No, I know. I should just shut up and be happy I already technically won NaNo with finishing the last project, but I want to finish this one too!

How do I get out of this wordy funky space?

I don’t know!

But, I have a sort half formed plan? 

Yeah, we’ll go with plan.

First, I am dogging out of the avalanche of emails and other things that piled up in the last three days.

Next, I am getting back into the words slowly with another episode and another chapter for the newsletter story for next week. Yay for power to the computer!

Then, and only then (later today), I’m finally going to start up writing the sweet romance again!

Also: and this is really random, I logged on today to see someone saying all main characters are a “self insert” for the writer. 

I… thought of Cinder from Heart of Cinders and… exactly how many people does this person think I’ve killed?


Now, those of you who have read Personal Pan and Cupcake Queens might have figured out what is happening with the covers.
For the rest, this is just a fun hint!
In the series of LGBT+ sweet, hallmarkian romances that are the Comfort Food Romances, the covers so far are: Red, and Pink. The next cover is for a story set in a brewery like the image above.
I wonder what the color for the cover will be… 😉

Ta da!
I officially talk too much, but I hope you are having a lovely November, you’re accomplishing whatever it is you’re working on.
Even with the floods, I still love fall!
As always, happy reading!

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