Heart of cinders!

The start of a new series

Heart of cinders

Her world was turned to ashes and soot, now she’s out to return the favor. One knife to the heart at a time.

War destroyed her lands and killed her parents. In the seven years since, Cinder forged herself into a killer at the behest of her brother, Duke Ash. Now, she acts as a highly trained assassin, dealing out justice on behalf of the Duke.

The siblings dream of exacting the ultimate revenge upon King Tristan, the man they think is responsible for the death of their parents. When opportunity strikes, Duke Ash dispatches Cinder to King Tristan’s palace to masquerade as one of the King’s potential future brides.

King Tristan would have never imagined that a Lady and a potential bride would arrive with a knife hidden in her dress and a heart full of cinders.
This book is out and ready to be read! And remember, book 2, Heart of Shattered Glass comes out in January. Over on the Facebook page, I did a reading of the first chapter for you, so check that out for a sneak peek.

I love this story, it has been one of my favorite to write, and I think you’ll all love it too. After you read it, let me know what you think and leave a review. Thank you so much for going on another series adventure with me.

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And as always, paperbacks and hardcovers are also available and you can check out Indiebound if you want to order the paperback or hardcover from your local bookstore.

Ta da! I hope you love Heart of Cinders as much as I do!

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