so much news and a cover reveal!


I have some news!

So, you all know now that Heart of Cinders will be out soon and that it will be accompanied by a free prequel novella just for you on this newsletter.

WELL, I will also have a whole new series coming next year about this time called Major Arcana which will have a book for every card of the major arcana in a tarot deck.

I… Yes. That’s a sh*tload of books in that series. It’s also, obviously, about witches. It’s set in a new fantasy realm of darkness and power being haunted by dangerous ghosts.

Soon I hope to be able to share the cover of the first book, The Fool, with you and share the preorder links. For now, I will share the blurb for that book below. 

And, because that isn’t enough, I finally have information on when The Grimm Star Saga has been pushed out to. The publication of Song Of The Piper will be next summer in July. Yay!

the fool

The Fool

Witch Tamsin is starting a new journey, with no idea she should be afraid.

Tamsin is young, with little power, but when her coven is attacked, she’s one of the only ones alive who saw the kind of magic they used and her High Priestess thinks she will recognize it if she sees it again.

But even if the witches going with her believe she can handle the responsibility, which they don’t, what they’re trying to do is find the very witches who want their coven dead.

If Tamsin can survive, she may come into her power. But maybe ignorance really is bliss, because if she realizes what she’s up against, it might all fall apart.

song of the piper

Sometimes you bring the monsters with you.

People fear the monsters in the bushes. But what if the monster is inside you?

Cassandra has a special ability, one the people of her village deride her for until she suppresses it.

Now, children are disappearing and Cassandra’s ability tells her no one is looking in the right place for them. 

more news!

First, what do you think of the blurbs?

And what do you think of the cover?! 

Second, while The Grimm Star Saga is planned to be a nine book series and Cinders In Midnight Glass is planned to be a six book series, both of those story worlds might get more series in them. I know that Cinder’s story world will get at least two more series within it.

Pssst… And as many as six because my brain is a jerk and just keeps handing me stories that I don’t have time to write at this second.

Third, Crossroad Inn over on Vella and Patreon will be two or three seasons (think book length for word count) and The Voice In The Forest will get another spooky connected story and this one is on the darker side of hauntings.

And fourth, someday, I swear, I will figure out socials and actually be able to make that happen. It’s weird, I know they are important to all this, and it sounds good in theory and I am a very social person in real life, but ugh. I seriously, all the way, do not like social media. But I am working on it.
Next week I will have another chapter of The Voice In The Forest for you, so keep an eye out for that! And (crosses all the things) I’ll have more for you.
Thanks for going along with me down this bananas plot hole of writing books!
As always, happy reading!

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