Cupcake Queens!

A brand new comfort food romance

Cupcake Queens is here!

Sometimes, stale dreams have to go in order to bake sweeter ones.

Theresa is working on it. Working on recovering from knee surgery. Working on letting go of her dream of cheering in college. Working on figuring out what she’s going to do with her life other than work for her mom. And most of all, working on finding something new to be happy about.

Ceecee is making it work. Making the bakery she inherited from her mother work, even through the financial struggles. Making all the band-aid repairs to the building work so her landlord doesn’t kick her to the curb in favor of higher paying tenants. And most of all, making the single life work, even though she’s starting to think she might be single forever. 

If Theresa and Ceecee learn to work together and trust the ingredients they each bring, then they might just find they have everything they need to make the sweetest dessert.

This book is out and ready to be read!
Remember, if you get an incorrect paperback printing, if one of those little buggers slipped through, just send it back and ask for a replacement. But the book is live on all the places now!
I wanted to have a special photo of my books in the wild for you this week as part of the launch celebration, but alas the best kind of bad news. Someone told me my books were in the bookstore near their house, a two hour drive from mine. I got in the car, drove two hours, and found… they were all sold! Already! So good bad news.
But the manager and I are working on setting up a signing and maybe even doing a launch for the fantasy book that comes out soon. Fun things ahead! 

stories ever after

This summer I also started to write short stories. All of them are free and are listed here under J. D. Everly. They are all contemporary stories or horror or thrillers. Head on over to that author listing page on my website here and read those free shorts.

Ta Da!
I hope you love all the stories, and the newest book. Next week I will be back with another chapter of The Voice In The Forest. And I might have some more news!
One of my books, in a whole new series, comes out later this year, I want to give you a better idea of the dates on that soon.
As always,
Happy Reading!

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