Big surprise… sort of, and chapter 25 of the voice in the forest

surprise, surprise

I have some news!

You all have heard me talk about Crossroad Inn, the story I’m publishing on Kindle Vella. And I know, many of you can’t access the story because Amazon has it all still stuck in beta and it isn’t available everywhere. Plus, I know some of you don’t want to purchase from Amazon.

As much as I wish I could wave a magic wand and have you all able to access the story, because I love it and think you would too, I have found a work around!

So this isn’t that big of a surprise because you all knew I was looking for this, but it is big in that I made it happen!

Likely, this will be something I will adjust later to include more benefits for you all, but I have set up a Patreon. The least expensive version they allow you to do is $1 per month, so I put my story up over there at that price, and will be adding more episodes to it every week just as I do the Vella story. Yay!

patreon and crossroad inn

Here is the link to sign up for Patreon

The patronage is set into two tiers, and they will be expanding in what goes up over there, this is just the beginning.

Using this platform was the only way to get this story to you following the Terms of Service of Vella. So I tried to make it as affordable as possible for you. 

And just so you know, Crossroad Inn will be at least two seasons. The first is mostly ready, but the second is only planned. (So is a third, but we will see)

You all are the first to see the cover for the second season! Yay!

What do you think? I love it!
I love all my covers, and the Crossroad Inn covers are no different. But I hope you all love the story and come on over to Vella or Patreon to read it!


Okay! So, I have even more updates because of course I do!

The YouTube channel for my own accountability is delayed. Cue the Alanis Morissette.

Why though? 

You see, life. That’s the answer. Day jobs, family, and oh the wide world of banana nut butter.

But, I am going to still bring that to you. 

The best part of this news is that it’s partially delayed because I have been SOOOO busy getting ready for Heart of Cinders to drop next month along with the prequel that will be free and exclusive to you here and on the Patreon AND I have a few surprises coming too!

With those surprises in mind, be prepared for Heart of Cinders cover coming soon!

And now, back to The Voice In The Forest:

the voice in the forest

“Look, Ara,” Jameson said, “It wasn’t my idea. I want you to know that.”

“What wasn’t your idea? You being here?” He opened his eyes wider and bit his lip while he nodded like a bobblehead. “I… I need to go. But, go ask Petra about that stuff, okay?” He turned and fled from the attic, the door banging as he went through it.

Jameson was a terrible liar. 

But, what was he lying about? It still didn’t even make sense for him to be here. Or for Petra to be here. I wandered down the stairs, and back toward my room. Maybe I should have gone right away to Petra and asked about the stuff Jameson said she had, but I was gross and covered in grime. I wanted to take a shower and get something to eat before I had to pretend my interest was just basic academic interest. And before I asked Montgomery if he could help me snag all the ‘stuff’ Petra had. 

While Jameson may have thought that just asking her for it was a good idea, it sounded like aa great way to get more scrutiny to me. More scrutiny didn’t sound like a grand plan to me.

Not when I didn’t understand what they were all thinking.

How was I going to be able to work in the garden, and prove to Mom that I could stick with something, hide Montgomery and my ability to see him, find out what everyone wanted from me and why they were here, and figure out what happened to Montgomery and why so he could move on?

Of all the things I thought I would be doing with my time when I got out of the hospital… None of the things on my current to do list were anywhere near my expectations.

Well, that wasn’t true. I did expect to have to hide things from Mom and from everyone else. Maybe not this thing. But something. Sighing, I went through my room to the bathroom and got in the shower.

The dust and attic motes coated my skin in such a thick layer, when the water first hit it I felt like I was covered in mud. It thickened and stuck even more to my body, as I the age of the house didn’t want to let me go and was becoming a second skin.

Finally, with the help of a lot of soap, I freed myself from the grime. Getting out of the shower, I paused at the door of the bathroom, wondering if someone was on the other side. At the hospital, I never had any privacy. But I knew it.

Here, I thought I would have some. But between Montgomery’s almost constant presence and ability to just show up silently without warning, and Jameson’s seeming never ending hovering and intrusion, it was as if the hospital followed me.On the other side of the door, I was blissfully alone.

My stomach growled, but my eyelids were heavy, and my bed, the soft blankets of it, and the warmth between the covers beckoned to me. I climbed in, not bothering to get dressed or even brush my hair.

Pulling up the blankets, I relaxed into it.As I drifted off, the feeling of my mother, in the room with me and watching, was strong.

She wasn’t here.

But somehow, even when I was alone, her disapproval and judgement was so heavy in my mind, it was as if it was a physical thing, leaning over me as I kept my eyes closed and fell asleep, telling myself it was nothing. It was just my imagination.
Look forward to seeing you as we start so much new and so many good things!
As always, happy reading!

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