a double dose of covers and chapter 26 of the voice in the forest


I have some news!

So, you all know now that Heart of Cinders will be out soon and so will the prequel novella that will be exclusive for the newsletter folks. Well, that prequel will be coming next week. But, for now, I have the covers of the first two books in the Cinders in Midnight Glass series!

The titles for the first two books are Heart of Cinders and Heart of Shattered Glass. Heart of Cinders will be out in October, and Heart of Shattered Glass will be out in January. I should have all the links for you next week as well. Wow, next week is going to be a big week!

Ya’ll I can’t even explain how excited I am for you to read this series, and I love these covers. This might be one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. It is my favorite story world I’ve ever developed. I hope you like her too.

heart of cinders

Her world was turned to ashes and soot, now she’s out to return the favor. One knife to the heart at a time.

War destroyed her lands and killed her parents. In the seven years since, Cinder forged herself into a killer at the behest of her brother, Duke Ash. Now, she acts as a highly trained assassin, dealing out justice on behalf of the Duke.

The siblings dream of exacting the ultimate revenge upon King Tristan, the man they think is responsible for the death of their parents. When opportunity strikes, Duke Ash dispatches Cinder to King Tristan’s palace to masquerade as one of the King’s potential future brides.

King Tristan would have never imagined that a Lady and a potential bride would arrive with a knife hidden in her dress and a heart full of cinders.

heart of shattered glass

The only thing she’s ever been good at is killing. But it’s hard to do what she’s been trained to when she’s not sure who to kill first.

Going home to her brother without King Tristan’s head wasn’t the plan. But Cinder is doing it. Worse, she’s asking her brother to unite with Tristan’s forces and fight to protect the kingdom. And she has to admit, that she’s going to help Tristan herself, lending her blade to the cause.

Cinder’s whole world is held together and supported by threads no stronger than glass. The question is, what happens if the glass shatters?
What do you think? I love these books. Honestly. Cinderella meets the bachelor only she’s an assassin and there’s some legends of magic in the kingdom. Ta da!

the voice in the forest

Chapter 26

The room Petra and Jameson were sharing was at the other end of the house and was much more opulent than mine. It didn’t surprise me that this was one of the rooms already redone. It also didn’t surprise me that mine wasn’t. Whether my mother picked this room for them, or they chose it, it fit them.

All of them. Sleek new furniture, so modern it made no sense in this house, paired with the high gloss refinish on the old floors and the white marble covering everything in the bathroom made me roll my eyes.

Henry said I was supposed to inherit. Well, if I did I was going to need to find a way to bring the charm and the history back to the place.

Petra and Jameson weren’t here, but they would be back soon. Their stuff was littered all over the room and spilling out of the suitcases in the corner.

Montgomery was my lookout, but I didn’t intend to spend much time in here. I needed to move. Before they got back.An invitation from Jameson might not actually turn out to be a good excuse depending on who caught me.

But where, exactly, in this disaster, was I supposed to find some books?

Shoving some of the clothes aside to see into the suitcases proved useless.

Under the pile on the chair and dresser, I found nothing.

The more I dug through things, and pushed others aside before putting them back as I found them, the more my heart hammered in my chest and the small of my back started to sweat. Jameson said they were in here. Where?

I kept hunting, methodically checking every place I could think of until I stood in the middle of the room and turned in a circle wondering what I missed.

There was something hidden from me in here. Some place I couldn’t think of, somewhere large enough to hide a bunch of books.

In fairness, I didn’t know what a bunch of books meant in Jameson’s head. Finally, staring at the bed, I pictured hiding candy wrappers under my own when I was a child.

Getting down on the floor and picking up the edge of the duvet, I found them.

He wasn’t wrong. Pulling out one thick tome after another, I cleared them all out.

Stacking them in my arms proved a larger challenge.

Looking back to the door, I bit my lip and wiped a slick hand covered in dust on the leg of my jeans before I put the last of the books on top of my precarious stack.

Moving to standing meant leaning against the bed, holding the entire stack so that it leaned against my chest and all the weight was on my stretched out arms. Most of the work was relegated to my poor fingers that screamed at me they were going to give out.

Everything I did since coming here seemed to be some kind of challenge to my poor fingers. Weeding tore them up, and this was like strength training for my tiniest muscles.

I finally got to my feet, holding the stack steady with my chin pressed against the top book.

Once I was in the hallway, Montgomery made a noise of surprise and reached to take some books from me.

“No, we need to get back to my room. If someone sees floating books they’ll freak out.”

He nodded and blinked out of existence.

Making my way down the hall, all I could do was hope no one appeared before me.A second later Montgomery was back, waving me forward toward my room.

“Everyone is distracted, hand me a few,” he said.I kept moving as he took a few off the top, not trusting his distraction to give us much time. What could possibly distract the entire house?

Hustling into my room, I didn’t drop the stack, I just leaned forward and dropped them on my bed.Shaking out my hands, I darted behind Montgomery and shut the door, looking both ways down the hall before I did.

“Let’s not make a habit of that kind of sneakiness,” I said, leaning back against the door and shaking out my tired hands.

“Don’t worry. Really. They’ll all be busy for a while,” Montgomery said, looking at the titles of the books in their haphazard pile.

“What did you do?” My voice was thin and full of suspicion.

“Broke one of the pipes in the dining room.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, sure I heard him wrong.

“Your mother and the others were all in the dining room and most of the staff was waiting on them. The best part is that the people who are in charge of the remodel were in the room and their plans were all soaked and destroyed.

”He looked up from the book in his hand, his face open and completely devoid of any remorse.

I laughed. Loud and long, tears squeezing out of the corners of my eyes.

“What? Is that bad?” he asked, furrowing his brow.

“No. Not at all,” I said, “Now let’s find out what we can from these books.”
I hope you love the new series and liked this new chapter.
As always, happy reading!

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