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I have some news!

Coming up soon, I will have a new book release. This is the first in a six book series. It is the birth of a whole new story world. I’ve told you all some things about it, but I will also have something just for the newsletter!

I want to continue to have a special free part of the story that’s only for my newsletter for each new series I craft. For the Grimm Star Saga, the first trilogy and the series still to come, the bonus story in the universe that they all get exclusive ebook of for free is The Lost Chapter. For A Comfort Food Romance series they have the exclusive Until They Didn’t short story. And for the world that the upcoming Cinders In Midnight Glass series will be in you all will get the….. Drumroll…..Before The Fire prequel novella!

What do you think? I love it!

What do you think it portends for the covers of the books in the Cinders In Midnight Glass series?

Hint, hint.

I’m hoping to have this novella ready for the newsletter next week or the week after and book one, Heart of Cinders, will come soon on its heels. 

Remember, this part of the story is just for the newsletter as a thank you for sticking with me through all these little missives and supporting my books.

and now for something completely different

Fall is upon us! While I’m sure that some of you don’t live in areas where the chill has just started to float through the air as it runs past your skin, it is here in Washington.

What that means for me is that school is back in session and my life just got simultaneously more and less bananas. So, as I am known to do because I have do-too-much disease and very strange coping mechanisms, I am adding to my list of work.

That means, for you, that I have finally found a way to get you the Crossroad Inn story while we wait for Vella to go global and in case you don’t Amazon. I will be adding a Patreon account with the lowest tier only $1 per month that will get you a new episode of that story every week.

Honestly I would probably give you all at least some of it for free, but that would be against Amazon terms of service which is a big no no. As soon as I get that completely worked out, I will be giving you the links here in the newsletter and on my website.

What I’m thinking for right now is two tiers of patronage. With the first being only $1 that will get you Crossroad Inn, as well as some additional bonuses as I think them up. The next tier will be $5 and will include Crossroad Inn episodes once a week, swag, and a monthly live with me so I can tell you all about some secrets of what I’m working on. It will also include some rough draft sneak peeks as I write.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think this is something you must do. This is only for those of you who want to.

Remember, Crossroad Inn’s first three episodes are always free on Vella on Amazon for you to check if you think it will be worth it to you.

I will also, always, have the same exclusives here on the newsletter and be adding more as I write more stories.
Next week I will have another chapter of The Voice In The Forest for you, and I will have a great new author for you to check out. Seriously, so excited for her book to come out soon!
Last, but not least, I know I have been truly terrible at social media lately, I am going to get back to it.

(Incidentally, if any of you know of a good way to use this here trusty Mac to post on Instagram I would be forever grateful.)

But I am also going to start doing a writer’s accountability challenge to myself soon. What that will mean is that I am going to start using YouTube to film my Midnight Writes on Mondays, and Working sprints on Wednesdays, as well as probably every other Friday for planning and anything that randomly pops into my head.

Why am I doing this? Well, I already do the Midnight Writes, working sprints, and I’m extremely planner friendly. I may as well film those things and link to the videos on my social medias as a way to get me to actually DO the social medias. I know it sounds backwards, but I have the hardest time thinking up what to do on socials or remembering to do it.

This way, I’m making a bigger commitment and for some reason that helps my wonky brain.
Look forward to seeing you as we start so much new and so many good things!
As always, happy reading!
— Everly

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