It’s alive!!!!! This is not a drill!!!!!

They actually did it!

Call me nutty, but I honestly thought that Amazon would release Vella on Friday, because… I guess I have 2020 left over skepticism of good stuff. 

Which, apropos of nothing, have you all heard “Low key F*** 2020” by Avenue Beat? If you haven’t, it is a bop, on YouTube, and just makes me feel a little better about the last year.

Music as therapy.

BUT, back to the stories!

Okay, so I have some more hints for you all about Crossroad Inn, my serial for Vella. And, I have another free short story for you for the weekly summer releases over on 

Next week, I will have another chapter for you of The Voice In The Forest, and I will have another short story!

In this post you will have a link for both the free short story, AND a link to my story on Vella.

Remember, the first three episodes of the Vella story are totally free. 

While you’re there reading the story: liking the episodes, favoriting the story itself, and following it so you are notified when new episodes release every Saturday, is super helpful and appreciated!

But The genre though?

So, I get that this is a little all over the place compared to some authors out there.

I mean, Nora Roberts is always, always, always the Queen of Romancelandia.

Where as I… have many faces.

My face for Sci-Fi/Fantasy is J. Darlene Everly.

Anytime you see this pen name, know that SFF is what you’re getting.

The name I use for LGBTQIA romance is Darlene Everly.

You can be sure anything under that name is in that genre.

As for my contemporary, from Thriller to Lit Fiction, it is all under J. D. Everly.

So, you can check out whichever stories are the kind that you find interesting.

The fact is, my tagline, stories ever after, is real.

My brain just keeps giving me these cookies in the form of story ideas and I roll with the muse.

But keeping the pen names delineated this way is for you all. So you always know what genre you’re getting based on the author name I use.

Here is the link to my free short story on!

Get to know Crossroad Inn

More clues for the Crossroad Inn story on Vella:

Jacynthe, the eldest daughter of the Crossroad Inn has blue sparks when she uses her power.

She also has a special additional ability granted to her as part of her Father’s lineage. 

What is that unique ability? Well, Jacynthe can see the best in people with one touch. She can often also see if someone is in love by putting her hand on someone because love is so closely associated with the best in people.

But, if you could always see the best in people, would it make it difficult to recognize the people who will hurt you?

Elefttheria, our main character, has purple sparks.

Oh, and she only likes to be called Ellie, thank you very much.

Her special ability is very hard for her to block, and it can make her cranky.

Especially when that special ability is that she can see a person’s worst current intentions… Yeah. 

Drumroll Please!!!

This is the Vella cover for Crossroad Inn, isn’t it great?

Harvest Moon Designs did this cover, and it is the perfect Ellie.

I can’t wait for you all to meet her, her family, and all the many creatures, gods, and monsters of the world of the Three Realms.
Ta da!

I’m so excited for Crossroad Inn!

Let me know what you think about the new short story, and about my new serial. 

Next week we will be back to a new chapter of The Voice In The Forest, and I will have another short story.

And don’t forget, it’s July!

That means, next month, August, is the release of Cupcake Queens!

As always, happy reading!

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