Chapter 9 of the voice in the forest and a surprise!

This is just an extra bonus, the big surprise is coming.

This is the last time for a while I’ll be sharing some links to other author’s work, but this one is for the fans of Personal Pan here.All of these are foodie romances. They have varying heat levels, and not all of them are LGBTQIA like mine, but great stories for you to check out.


Last week I promised a sneak peek at what I was working on. Well, there’s a lot. So, I’ll give you a quick list of what to expect for announcements of books coming out later this year.

Song of the Piper, The first book in The Grimm Star Saga. This is the start of the story of what happens on the planet to the people and the Chapter. We also get the chance to check on old friends. 

Heart of Cinders, and hopefully more in this series. This is the first book in the Cinders in Midnight Glass series. For this one, think Cinderella meets the Bachelor but she is there to get revenge and bring his head back as proof. More information about this will come soon.

The Fool, and more in the Major Arcana series. This series follows all the cards of the major arcana of the tarot and is suitably witchy. I will follow up with more information about this soon.

I also have a story that will be coming out on Amazon’s new Vella platform. The platform is set up like wattpad where stories are told in episodes. The story I will be telling is Crossroad Inn. In the world of Three Realms there is a crossroad where all the realms meet and some business can only be conducted there. Also located in that magical spot is the Crossroad Inn run my five witch sisters and their mother. The Inn has only two rules, no business conducted on the grounds, and no abuse of anyone on the grounds. But with creatures like vampires, werewolves, Fae, angels, and demons, sometimes the rules get broken. 

So much more will be coming about all of these projects in the very near future, covers, release dates, snippets, all of it is on its way soon.


Yes, we’re finally at the thing that rhymes with tale, the big surprise!

As you know, the third and final book in The Grimm Star Saga: First Light comes out next month. Well, because of that, because you all should get all the books and there are so many more coming, they’re all going on sale!

The first two books in the series will go on sale at the end of the month and the third book, when it arrives, will be on sale from the start. 


Now everyone can get caught up before the Saga continues and before we start adding on new series. Thanks to all of you who have already read the books. Seriously. I hope the end of the series lives up to your expectations. 

What you need to know before reading this sneak peek chapter

Here we go, the next chapter of The Voice in The Forest

This is a BIG one, it should clear some things up.

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The voice in the forest

“Are you okay, Ara?” Petra asked, one corner of her mouth going up instead of down, her chin dropping, she looked between Ara and Jameson through her lashes.

“Yeah – yes,” Ara croaked, her throat dried out and full of a scream she couldn’t let out.

The young man crossed his arms over his chest and looked down his nose at Petra before he snorted and said, “Oh, you two deserve each other. Horrible people, the both of you.”

She coughed, and grabbed her glass, making an ungainly dive for the sink to fill it with water. It took too damn long to fill the glass, keeping her hand from shaking while it did took all her harnessed will.

Petra moved behind her and took the seat she was just in, while Jameson stood still and rubbed a hand over the back of his neck.

“I… uh, sorry,” he said, his voice undulating in volume as if nothing about it was sure, not the tone, words, or even the basic volume with which he said it.

Ara shook her head and chugged down the entire glass of water. She had to get out of there. They couldn’t see her lose it, Petra and Jameson would tell her mother. 

Choking on the last swallow of water from the glass, she doubled over the sink and set the glass down.

“Maybe you shouldn’t eat half an egg at once, that would dry out my throat too.” Petra’s voice had an almost imperceptible edge to it, but Ara heard it. 

Petra was probably smirking out right, enjoying the reaction she had to think Ara was having to Jameson’s presence.
Good, it was better she think like a petty bitch instead of realize what was actually going on. 

Ara gulped down deep breaths and steeled herself to turn around, to allow herself to be seen as the wounded ex so she wasn’t seen as the ‘crazy’ one again. 

But how was she going to get away from this house? She couldn’t stay here. Any minute she was likely to react in a way that would tell on her.

No money, no job, no friends, no place to go.

It didn’t matter that she thought she couldn’t do it, she had to figure out a way. 

Gripping the edge of the countertop was the only thing stopping her hands from shaking.

“Petra, maybe we should just go wait in the dining room,” Jameson said, his voice back to modulated and even low, but it was laced with a pity that made Ara want to punch him in the face.

“No, you’re fine,” Ara said, turning around and managing a small smile, the weakness in her knees hidden by her locking them straight, and the need for her hands to shake held at bay only by her rage at Jameson and Petra.

“You don’t have to worry about us, we’ll head out later today if you want us to,” Petra said, her voice saccharine sweet.
The game she played at, being the worst version of herself in front of Jameson to make him hot for her after being there for Ara for so long was sick on so many levels. 

Ara allowed only a touch of her fury to show on her face.

Petra’s eyebrows shot up and she sat up straighter on the chair.

“Guys, truly, don’t worry about me.” Ara looked back and forth between them, making no secret to the fact she was asking them in and wasn’t impressed with what she saw.

Jameson’s eyes lit up and he grinned at her in a lascivious smile while Petra almost foamed at the mouth.

The young man smiled and shook his head at Jameson.

“Not a chance the lady will go back to you. She’s way beyond your station,” he said and turned to curl his lip at Petra but at least he didn’t speak.

“Well,” Ara said, trying for sounding bright and cheery and managing to land somewhere closer to indifferent, “If you guys are still looking for your breakfast, I’ll leave you to it. I have lots of work to do.”

She made her way past Jameson who didn’t step aside, forcing her to squeeze between him and the door jamb.

Thanks for that, asshole.

Before the door to the kitchen shut behind her she heard Petra snarl, “What the fuck was that, Jameson?”

For some reason, the few steps to the end of the wall she needed to turn around to make her way to the garden seemed much further away than it should have. Oh, who was she kidding? It was so far away her legs itched to run because they could come out of the kitchen at any moment. 

And so could the young man only she could see.

Outside. She needed to get outside.

Maybe he wouldn’t follow her. 

“Please don’t follow me,” she whispered to no one, the tremor moving up her hand no matter how much she tried to push it down and focus back on her anger. 

But Petra and Jameson didn’t matter in the long run and now that they weren’t directly in front of her, she couldn’t hang onto her rage. 

Instead, she cupped bother her shaking hands under her chin and finally made it to the tune in the hall. 

Looking both ways, she checked for someone else near enough to see her, and when she was sure there was no one, she sprinted down the hall.

The scream lodged in her throat wanted to be let loose. She had to keep it contained until she got away from the house. She had to.

Racing against the scream inside her, she didn’t slow to round the next turn, nor did she bother to check her speed as she barreled into the door to the garden and right through. 

Barely missing a step, she kept going, kept running beyond the patio and into the dew damp grass and low light of a sun not quite risen.

Don’t turn around.

Keep going. 

Don’t look and see if someone is behind you.

No one is behind you.

The young man isn’t real.

She ran the words through her head on a loop, trying to replace the thinly caged scream with words. 

It didn’t work, she wasn’t quite in the tree line before the scream ripped from her throat and caused a flock of birds to take flight from the trees nearby.

Her scream faded out to nothing by the tine she was deep enough in the trees that she wouldn’t be seen from the house. 

Ara bent over at the waist and planted her hands on her knees. Her head spun, her breaths ragged, and her heart hammering in her chest.

Spending a year in that place was far too long for her muscles, they quaked and felt like they didn’t want to hold her up anymore.

Looking up from the ground, she spotted the path from the house to the water back in the woods. 

That would help. She could sit next to the water all day and maybe be left alone. By the living, and the dead.


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