Are you ready for a big surprise?

First things first:

Hi everyone,

Well, the books are up for preorder almost everywhere now, yay! I’m so excited, I might pass out! 

But I’ll hold it all in, I promise, I can handle it. 

Well… sort of.

No, really, these are my debuts. Not the first books I’ve ever written, no I have had a pen in my hand for a long time. These are the first books I’m getting out into the world, cue the good nerves and the bad nerves coiling around each other like an ouroboros. 

You can find the books listed almost everywhere books are sold, apple, google play, kobo, amazon, a whole host of smaller vendors, and you can request your library pick them up. I’m also told that Barnes and Noble will be along soon, but we all have to be patient and understanding of the hard work their team has been doing since the attack they went though at the end of last year.

As all of the stores come online I will update the listing on the website, including links.

For now, I’m going to let everyone in on a little of the plan for the next books I have coming out. 

The Grimm Star Saga: First Light will have the second book in the series coming out in March, it will be called The Spindle and continues Troylus and Zellendine’s story.

A Comfort Food Romance will add another story to the series in Cupcake Queens expected to arrive in August.

Drumroll please!

Are you ready for the surprise yet?

Are you sure?

Well, I have decided to write a book here! The chapters will go to the newsletter first, and then they will come here to the blog to read for free. It will come to you one chapter at a time in rough draft form. You can tell me what you think as we go. I may ask for suggestions on things like character names, or poll you on what you think will happen next. 

That free story will be collected once we finish it and put into a book you will be able to get and keep for ease of reading again. And you’ll be able to see what gets changed from the rough draft here to the final.

I’m calling this book, The Voice In The Forest. And here is your first teaser:

They told her the voices were all in her head, figments of her imagination.They told her the medicine would help them go away.They promised her the year she spent learning to ignore the voices was all it would take to silence them forever.But they aren’t with her as she moves into her father’s ancestral manor. They aren’t there as the old house makes noises that make her wonder if she can schedule an earlier follow up with her doctor.And they aren’t with her when a voice takes form and follows her through the woods.

As a big bonus, here is the cover:

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