Welcome to my new digital home!

Hi everyone, this is the home for all of my stories going forward, the shiny and the dark. The main page will have the most recent releases and information on any sales, but each of my genres will have their own page where the books I write under versions of my name will be found. You never have to wonder if you’re caught up with the series, because I will keep the books in reading order for you there. 

I currently have over ten series ideas between romance and fantasy, I hope you enjoy them all. If your interest is only in one of the genres, that’s okay too! Hopefully this site will make it easy for you to find the books that work for you. 

If you haven’t done so already, if you sign up for my newsletter you’ll never miss a cover reveal, a sale, or a new release, and as a BIG thank you for liking my books, you’ll get an exclusive ebook of THE LOST CHAPTER. I also will be occasionally including a first peek at a first chapter of an upcoming book and a short story in the series worlds I am creating. 

Eventually all the short stories will find their way to this blog, but how long between the newsletter seeing them and the blog? I have no idea. It is possible some will remain exclusive. 

The most important thing for right now: WELCOME! And thank you! 

Now let’s get back to stories.


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